Katrina Langford
Sustainable Luxury Apparel
Made in Hawaii Since 2005

Welcome to Katrina Langford, where fashion meets Mother Nature.

Each one-of-a-kind look is handcrafted out of RECYCLED scarves, leaving a lighter footprint on our planet. The vintage silk, polyester, and cotton fabrics are hand-picked, washed and hung to dry under the tropical island sun. Local designer, Katrina Langford, sorts through these treasures looking for colors and patterns to pair together. The size of the scarves determines how they will be RE-USED and the prints inspire the layout of the garment.

Our clothing line is made in Hawaii to REDUCE the amount of gas used for transportation and to provide jobs for local seamstresses. Lots of love and Aloha goes into creating Katrina Langford Apparel & Accessories and we hope you support our mission by purchasing our beautiful creations.


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